Working relationships that are structured in a clear and contemporary manner are a necessary prerequisite for entrepreneurial success. In the case of conflict, commercially viable solutions are required, which preserve social peace.

Together with my clients - mainly small and medium-sized enterprises and company management staff - I succeed in structuring the legal opportunities and risks in a viable manner on both sides. For this, I use my broad experience as a lawyer and business representative. The aim is to assist the client with pragmatic and creative solutions. Scientific substantiated, commercially optimised and feasibly presented.

Many years of experience in working for business and employer associations and societies also enables me to provide targeted and legally compliant advisory in all questions relating to society and association law.


My labour law core competence lies in structural advisory for draft contracts, rescission and settlement agreements, compensation policies, structuring of occupational old-age pension schemes or codes of conduct, as well as for dismissals or operational closures and relocations. Negotiations with works councils and trade unions, such as the negotiation of company agreements, in-house wage-scale agreements or redundancy schemes are a part of this, as well as the procedural representation of companies and management staff in all instances of labour jurisdiction.

As an ombudsman, I am the contact person of employees in companies for tips regarding unfair conduct.

Another advisory focus is the organisation, optimisation and monitoring of efficient compliance management systems in companies and societies.

Particular expertise also exists in all questions relating to society and association law.

Specialist lawyer in labour law
The specialist lawyer in labour law is the lawyer is characterised by above-average experience and more knowledge. He is a certified expert in the field of labour law. The requirement to take part further training on a regular basis gives him the ability to allow up-to-date national and international legal developments flow competently into the advisory.

The ombudsman is mandated by the company as a contact person for its employees. He is a fixed institution for receiving tips about unfair conduct (e.g. irregularities, cases of fraud, misconduct). He is independent and guarantees the informants confidentiality, so that the whistleblower can feel safe. He checks whether the initial suspicion of unfair conduct exists and only reports to the company management about the fact of the suspicion - without naming the source. This puts the company management into the position of being able to find a remedy.

Compliance Manager
The Compliance Manager supports the set-up of effective compliance management systems in companies with the aim of guaranteeing lawful conduct. Together with the company management and employee representatives, he arranges codes of conduct and continuously optimises the introduced measures. The Compliance Manager retains the overview of relevant national and international laws and regulations.


Markus H. Ostrop studied in Münster and Freiburg. Legal clerkship, inter alia, with Arnold & Porter, Law Firm, Washington D.C. Awarded a doctoral degree of Dr. jur. with Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Manfred Löwisch.

Dr. Markus Ostrop

After the internship, junior managing director training with the German Employers’ Association. 1993 until 1998 legal advisor and Deputy Managing Director of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Food Industry Associations. Lawyer since 1994. From 1996 until 2000, Partner of a Stuttgart law firm specialising in commercial law. 1998 Acquisition of an additional qualification as a specialist lawyer for labour law. From 1998 until 2000, simultaneously Managing Director of the Forwarding and Logistics Association. From 2000 until 2015 Managing Director of Wirtschafts- und Arbeitgeberverband Südwesttextil e.V. and from 2009 until 2015, simultaneously Managing Director of Gesamtverband der deutschen Maschenindustrie – Gesamtmasche - e.V.

Since then, in own firm as a regular advisor, mainly of small and medium-sized, international clients. In addition to this, active as an ombudsman and Compliance Manager.

Member of the Working Group Labour Law of the German Bar Association.


Dr. jur. Markus H. Ostrop
Rösslinweg 4
70184 Stuttgart
T +49 711 248 484 8
M +49 173 986 745 1
F +49 711 322 241 959 12

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